Wednesday, 6 November 2013

entry 8

so we're moving back to our old seats next monday. /sigh. i also have a test on that day. i'm definitely not looking forward to next week, especially because i have to perform this thing on tuesday in drama. it's about a puppet, a puppeteer and a free doll. it's puntacular yo /snickers.

seriously there's like some lines we thought up saying 'well get your act together' or 'i'll help you, no strings attached' or 'better start russian (because the free doll is russian)' and lots more.

i got back from basketball just then.

it's really the best feeling when you get score a hoop (even though this time i didn't -- but i stole the ball from a girl ahh and it was awesome) and i'm super embarassing because when we score a goal i let out this woop of joy and it's usually really loud and squeaky /hides.

there's my friend kate and she's SUPER GOOD at basketball so she's like my role model huehuehue i have to take tips from her

so after basketball i went shopping with my mum and we went to this section in woolworths where they sell all types of meat and cheese and olives and such and basically you have to get a number to line up (sometimes, if there's not many people there you don't have to) but today my mum was gonna buy some cheese so she just stopped in front of these bunch of people to take a number and she was just standing there for a while and because i was following her i was like to her-

'mUM' and she was like 'yis dearie???'

and i was like 'we're kinda like blocking the way'

and she was like 'wut'

so in this kind of 'so done with u' voice i was like 'we'RE BLOCKING THE WAY'

and she was like 'OH'




it was really cute

made my day
kind of
iunno, making some random laugh
that's darn awesome
the fact he was pretty damn cute was a bonus

also today i did this thing at school, making rice paper rolls. it was fun. i saw canoe guy in the class we were kinda interrupting. i... wanted to say hi to him but i failed like i have been for many days. i feel like i want to talk to him but ugh, i don't know. i feel like...



i'm just going to...


this is entry 8. have an awesome day, readers (if there are any).

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