Friday, 1 November 2013

entry 7

ladybugs are now really awesome in my eyes.

not that they weren't before, but they kind of increased in their awesomeness level.

so yesterday in maths, will somehow acquired a ladybug, and named it seaweed. seaweed was an odd ladybug because she basically just walked around his book for a while and then settled on the spine (a bunch of plastic rings) either cleaning herself, or pooping.

we had to finish off some homework in this textbook we were sharing, and i kind of just whizzed through mostly because i had no idea how to answer some, so i was just left sitting there and staring at the questions i couldn't answer (what's cool is that during the actual class time where our teacher doesn't leave us to just finish homework, is that will helped me in some questions and that was really nice of him so ye). so seaweed began annoying will (it was pretty funny (to me), i was like 'looks like seaweed is... bUGGING you... and he was like haaaa /shakes head) and he passed it on to arianna (my friend sitting in front of me), but after a while she got sick of it as well so she passed it back and i took seaweed from him. at first seaweed was on my finger just chillin' and doing that mysterious action of either pooping or cleaning herself (OKAY I LOOKED UP LADYBUG POOP JUST THEN AND LUCKILY IT DIDN'T POOP ON ME OR I WOULD'VE NOTICED ASDFGH) and then i just watched her on my finger because she was seriously just staying still and i was beginning to wonder if she was like laying eggs on me so i kinda freaked out and put her on my pen. she stayed there for a while and i could kinda tired of just holding my pen up so carefully i laid her in the middle of the textbook me and will were sharing, and just watched her for a bit.

that's when will finished doing his work and he was like 'okay so i'm just gonna close the text book for a while' and made the motion of closing the textbook and right then and there i made this really weird noise of 'KEEee' and stopped him from closing it and we just kinda looked at each other for a moment and he laughed and was like 'i wasn't actually gonna close it' and mimicked my sound and i was like jfc that was uncalled for and yeah it was really cool i felt like we were bonding /hides.

so then after that we decided to release seaweed into the wild after class, and basically seaweed was just stationary on my pen so while we packed up our things i just held the pen and talked to my friend arianna.

will packed up and got his bag and kind of left the classroom to talk to his other friends and stuff so i just kinda was like oh kay... so what should i do with seaweed-

and arianna was like did will just leave you with his child

and i was like yup

but as i was walking out of the classroom will was kinda just waiting for me and was like 'jesse, let's go and release... her' and i was like :DDD okay friend (yes i was pretty happy he waited coz that's pretty damn cool) and we went out and released seaweed into these pretty bushes.

that was kind of the end of that and will and arianna were walking the same way while i was going the opposite so we said our farewells until i kind of remembered that i left my laptop so i kinda turned back really hurriedly and then i saw will walking behind me and i think he was gonna say something but i was like i fORGOT MY LAPTOP NO and while i was running i heard him laughing (so i think we parted on fairly good terms and that's awesome). man this is so cool i feel like i'm making progress. recently with the other areas such as src guy and canoe guy and friend-making in the other classes i haven't been going places (especially with the speech because my teacher ended up saying it was highly engaging but she wasn't sure the topic was really clear and that it was more like a personal confession to the class (and i was like ha...ha... /sobs out of embarrassment UGH) but ye) so i feel better thinking back aha.

i was just thinking along the lines of 'beCOME FRIEND WITH WILL like maybe good friend' but i feel like whenever i hope for things such as that i get too hesitant so i just figured 'don't think, just do' kind of thing. i'm kinda sad because when hsc is over we have to go back to our old classroom and then i probably won't be able to sit next to will any more (because sure we talk now but i doubt there'd be much talking if the situations were different, y'feel me?) /sigh he's cool and i think we're friends. well, at the very least - it'd be nice y'know? maths is actually quite fun recently so i look forward to it now, which is a huge thing for me because maths usually promises awkwardness and anxiety when answering questions the teacher asks.

also recently i've been more acquaintance-y with this girl (let's call her cushion) and it's cool. she's really nice and i wouldn't mind getting to know her more.

also halloween was pretty damn cool i went trick or treating for the first time two days ago with my friends guy, amy, chanse and amy's sisters. next year i want to do it again hehe. people are so nice, giving out candy wow. i dressed up in a kimono and did something weird with just eyeshadow (i have no idea about make up don't even ask) and it looked really creepy so i did good LOL.

have a good day everyone! eat some spoopy cupcakes while halloween lasts and make sure to sit up straight and i hope happiness is bountiful wherever you are.

thanks for reading this is entry 7 yo.

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