Friday, 25 October 2013

entry 5

so you know what's totally awesome?!

today at school we had a substitute teacher for maths, and of course the seating plan didn't need to be followed because well, we had a different teacher, but in maths will sat next to me and i kind of just reminded him that he could sit next to his friends but he was like nah i like you and then iunno for a moment i was like ... and then i was like ASDFGHJKLJHGFD FRIEND1!@!# but i didn't really show it but it meant a lot to me even though he was probably just saying that to make me feel better /kicks dirt. so yeah that kinda made my day.

before that however was drama class and we played this game called zip zap zoop and basically it's this small clapping game where zip goes left, zap goes right, and zoop goes across (everyone stands in a circle) and basically y'know that guy who voted for me to be src? yeah well he's in my drama class and in the first few days where i had my moments of braveness, i said hi to him a couple times and that was awesome but nowadays i've just been feeling a little... ugh and iunno, i guess i'm trying to find chances where i can but when i do i hesitate and that chance leaves (when in actuality chances are probably always there and i'm just too much of a butt to do something about it) and well i heard my name (i think) before the start of the game mentioned by him and his group of friends and (let's call him soul, man i am so obvious (but not so obvious to you anon readers)) throughout the game when it came to their turn they zooped it to me and after the third time i kind of just shook my head and rolled my eyes a bit and they laughed and i thought that was kind of cool? like i think they were being friendly. i think. i'm not too well-versed in this kind of stuff but it was interesting so i made a vow to myself to say hi to him on monday (it's friday today).

so i found that pretty cool and kind of a friend-making chance, aha.

today was also subject selections day. it's so weird how a year can pass by so quickly and next thing you know it i'll be in year 12 doing my hsc. creepy.

i asked my friend dylan if he was doing pe4 (mainly dancing) and he was like yeah, i am, semester 1, and i was like YAYY THAT MEANS WE'RE TOGETHER M8 and he laughed and kinda jokingly said haha maybe i should swap classes then and i was like wAHT NO DON'T but yeah that was a cool interaction.

/re-reads and sighs. these small things make me so happy i don't even know why.

so basically for year ten at my school you have to do all the mandatories such as english, science, maths, history, geography, languages (in my instance, japanese) but you also get your final bunch of electives, in this case where i had three electives.

so the ones i wanted to do were

  • acting
  • youth theatre
  • creative writing
  • music on the stage, vocal
acting should be self-explanatory, it's a course about acting on the screen and stage and all that. youth theatre is basically making up plays and performing it to little kiddies around your local area (which sounds like TONS OF FUN like holy crap it sounds really amazing), creative writing should also be self-explanatory and music on the stage is basically singing, creating harmonies and at the end doing a massive performance with the class. i don't think i mentioned that i love singing, but yeah, i do. i also love writing.

for youth theatre though, you need to do a pre-requisite course which was either text to performance or theatrestyles. i /really/ wanted to do the acting course though, so i asked the drama teacher if i could just do acting and youth theatre instead of doing the pre-requisite and his answer kind of made me ponder about my future and got me really thinking.

he said; if i'm serious about acting (as in doing it for the hsc) then i should do acting and youth theatre but if i'm not then i should just do text to performance and youth theatre.

i chose acting and youth theatre. but honestly? i'm not too sure if i want to continue it into the hsc. sure, that sounds like amazing fun but what if it turns out i suck at acting and then i'm expected to continue it into the hsc? of course i can always not but, these expectations...

i'll just do my best; i told my brother about this and he said well as long as you do your best you'll probably do well.

so yeah, that's what i'll do.

so that's two spots taken up, what about the last one?

well, i chose music on the stage vocal. singing is wonderful to me - it's like an outlet. but so is writing. i just figured since i already do write fanfiction and i do roleplay on tumblr now (i recently started in the star trek community and it's the greatest thing ever - just-following-orders <3) that i'll be okay. besides my friend took it this semester and promised to give me her book to look over so yeah, that's cool.

weird because today i basically just chose my future and i have no idea how it'll turn out.

i'm gonna have to create a back-up for this blog because i don't want it to suddenly be erased and have all my entries lost.

also, did i tell you about canoe guy? it's a bit embarrassing so for now i'll refrain.

also i started doing basketball and it's amazing holy crepes. I GOT TWO BASKETS FOR THE FIRST TIME TWO DAYS AGO AND IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING FEELING EVER.

thanks for reading guys! halloween is coming up real soon so i really hope you guys have wonderful ones, if you celebrate it. 

comment if you have any thoughts about this, i'd be delighted to hear any, really. i know some of you read this, or maybe it's just the statistic thingy screwing up.

bye cuties! reminder to sit up straight and have a good day. c:

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