Sunday, 19 January 2014

entry 14


last entry was slightly depressing wasn't it? i was just charged with negative energy when i wrote that, or whatever you call it, but yeah. i was a bit tired so i'm sorry to any readers who bothered to read that entry, aha.

but today is an alright day, scratch out the fact i have to spend at least 2 hours+ folding a mountain of clothes that no one else is bothered to conquer (looks pointedly at mother/father/brother/doge).


this household..

so before doing that (i believe right now i am procrastinating but shh) i was reading a fanfiction called the Quandaries of a Quirky Romantic and it started off beautifully (i realized i could really relate to the main chara) but then i decided to look at the reviews and a lot of reviewers were exclaiming how sad the ending was.

i just nOPED out of that fic in no time. why do sad endings do that? they seriously just troll you forever and /deep sigh don't get me started on anohana.

but the fanfic has a sequel -- just, the author hasn't updated it in three years. goddammit. but then again writer's block is just really unfair. i'm going to have to sit down and get my school laptop one day and continue all those fanfics i've hid beneath everything (because writer's block//what else?) and edit them and publish them on my fanfic account which will remain unnamed.

but yeah.

on another note my wall has been expanding. very slowly, but i've been finding lots of good quotes recently and all i need to do is be bothered to write them down and try to get the post-it note to stick, whiiich is actually quite a bit of effort because there's no glue and i'm running out of blu-tac /sob

oh that reminds me. green tea. let me go get some right now.

okay i got some.


so my friend is coming over tomorrow but i'm getting a haircut before that. one part of me is so relieved that my mop of hair is finally being tamed but then again haircuts are probably the bane of my existence.

or, let me rephrase that.

during haircuts, are the bane of my existence.

i kind of just really dislike staring at myself in the mirror while the hairdresser is deciding the fate of everything with your hair and it can go two ways: really good or REALLY REALLY BAD /sob.

i just.

/deep sigh.


but anyway this:

'are u in love with me? no?? *slides u a chocolate pudding* how about now?'

tumblr is wonderful yo.

so on another note, sleeping is good!!! seriously, make sure to get enough sleep okay cuties? sleeping is especially good for me because it seems if i don't get enough my eyelids go uneven and idek. let's not bring that up again.

ni no kuni is a great game yo. my brother and i play it together and it's really fun! studio ghibli made the game and that makes me hope for a little romance for the dear protagonist and yeah. it's just really good. the story is great so far, even though i'm barely a quarter in.

so yeah.

i better go fold the clothes now.

Moon by Clear is a good song.

bye! be safe friends! and happy!

this is entry 14.

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