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entry 26



he said something among the lines that he couldn't help but smile while trying to look at me without smiling but he was adorable and i was like thank friend (in my head)

so another thing i'm happy about is DRAGON AGE

alistair is my love <3 zevran's cute <3 leliana's cute <3 morrigan disapproves a lot but only because she wants everyone to die a horrible death. not my warden though, we're friends coz i give her shiny things. shale's an amazing pigeon killer, ohgren's drunk and sten steals cookies from children. really.

and from dragon age, dragon age 2. still haven't finished it but there's lots of homework to be done and i have 3 tests in two days and 1 in class essay tomorrow. save me oh baby jesus. fenris is beautiful.

and dragon age inquisiton /breathes heavily, the collector's edition /strokes. 170 bucks. either my not-so-subtle hinting to it at my mum and my bro will work or i'll have to make a resume and get a job soon.

and this also happened (here u guys go, an excerpt from a message to katie)

FROM THE CAREERS EXPO I HAVE PRETTY MUCH GOT A PLAN OF THE FUTURE!!!!! basically iunno if i told u but i went to that game stall of 'academy of interactive entertainment' and there was this girl sitting there with black hair and tan skin? her name is jessica and well i was interested in stall because it mentioned games /cackles. so i went up to her the first time and was like 'um excuse me' and she grinned and was like 'yes?' and i replied 'is there a course that includes writing?' and she hummed for a moment before flicking to this page in this booklet i NOW HAVE STUCK TO MY WALL  and showed me this 'game production' course and said 'yeah, this might be what you're looking for y'know. this course is all about making and writing a game, exploring character development and story developing - a main assignment is that you get into a group and create a story' and that sounded so good that i said thank you grinned and went away BUT THEN a few minutes later i came back, like after traversing to some other stores and asked her what if i wanted to learn writing, a language (japanese obviously) and stuff and she said yeah.. that's a bit complicated isn't it? but you know what, this course is really short compared to some, which is two years. and i asked how to get into aie and she said just give us a portfolio! you don't need an atar, just show off your writing skills, art skills, anything really and i said thank you again and then i came back to ask another random thing and was like i'm so sorry i keep coming back and she laughed and was like, hey, you know what? and she gave me her card and was like you can email me personally if you have any questions, and besides i think you'll be easier to remember. 'why's that?' i asked and she smiled and was like you're name's jesse right? (i subscribed to their weekly email or something) and i was like haha yes and she was like my name's jessica!
and well anyway it was really cool she was so nice ;a;
so i decided to look at some courses at macquarie for creative writing + japanese and i discovered that i didn't need to do a double degree because those two subjects came under bachelor of arts alone. so i looked it up for UNSW and the bachelor of arts degree atar cut off is 82. so my atar requirement would need to be that or above, to get into UNSW
the bachelor of arts degree, i have no idea how long it'd take, maybe 4 years at max? and the aie course would be 2 years B) and well i told my bro and stuff and he was like that sounds like an awesome idea, it's cool how you have a plan  and i was like HELLA YEAH and then i was like for a part time job iunno i could utilise my japanese and become a part time translator? and joey was like ohhh that's such a good idea, my friend is actually doing something like that (so it's possible) and stuff and yeah
that is my plan pretty much'

and, yes. my dreams and aspirations change a lot, kinda like a sim's, unless you lock 'em in. but yeah, i'm content.
so, from last update, i was supposed to mention things from last term? long story short, there was this music performance that the vocal ensemble had to do and we performed and when we came back from the stage to sit down, this hella rad asian dude, we can call him g, said 'nice work jesse' to me and he's in my year and he's awesome! and i said thank you and was pleasantly surprised. people are beautiful!


aaaand how much time has passed since i wrote that entry? lots of time, that's how much B)

at an expo night thing (where my ears and my parent's ears got talked off), g said hi to me again along with his friend let's call him c and it was this really weird strangled/teasing hi. iunno, it just... why do guys do that? it's really weird. so i just looked at them for a moment, smiled politely, and left. nothing big but guys are just really weird species.

speaking of guys, STEVE ROGERS IS BEAUTIFUL /swoon. i'm really starting to notice a trend with these characters i get the feels for /sigh.

i can't help but point out that i've just been getting cruder and cruder in my ways of thinking - and not in particular words or anything, just... cursing a lot. in my head. we had this maths common test today and because i skipped many questions (believe me when i say i really did study) i was just going wow fuck me sideways and call me a little shit, i'm gonna die in this test. sorry for the swear, but i'll try to tone it down - i don't say them in real life much but crude humour is slowly slipping into me- my maths teacher a few days ago was talking about volume and enlargement in reference to shapes and stuff, and then she started to go on about how common sense should tell us that this triangle would have a blah blah blah and my train of thought was going along the lines of something more like: 'what the hell woman common sense ain't tellin' me jack shit'

to say the least, i was a bit unimpressed with my common sense but perhaps i should focus on studying more instead of blaming my common sense

but i really don't think i'll be doing maths in the future so it's all good, kinda

this week has also been filled to the brim with business

i have a couple of assignments including a silly presentation and a draft letter to tony abott that we have to read out in class and mind you i think i'm terrible at reading things out

but today, there was another assignment kind of thing - more like a fun activity - to do with acting, including making a short film for junior tropfest - an australian film festival of sorts. lemme tell you guys that working in a group and making a film and acting stuff out is really damn fun, especially when you mess up (though that's not exactly advised) but it makes for good bloopers. that may or may not be used... depending on our time constraints :D

quoting bandaid, as a teacher dude in the film we're making (underneath the main lead's bed ((a french exchange student)), sliding out as he hears the lead crying): 'is something wrong?'

cue the zoom.

it's rather entertaining, our film hehe. maybe i'll post a link to it once we're done, if we manage to get it done in time (which hopefully we will). but yeah, life is well.

except that today, the acting group i'm in - a bunch of friends, including this girl called rachel who is an awesome person and very honest, friendly and pulls you in (and also the sunny type that i very much adore *keeping this all platonic ofc if anyone misunderstands, coz my heart only goes towards steve rogers right now*) - we had to go on the same bus together to get to zara's house and FISH came onto the bus and said hi to my other friend first and then said something to me but i kinda looked ahead and ignored him and then uh, what did i call his companion? eggplant? card? spades? i think i called him card. yes, card. well, his companion was like 'omg /canoe guy/ is missing out /SNICKER' and i just looked ahead and was like yeah well fuck you darling, canoe guy sure is missing out

in my head

of course

and well

i have no idea if i should flip tables on him or just pretend not to notice or what's better because they're obvs trying to rile me up or some shit that teenage boys do (god only knows)

but yeah, other than that i couldn't care less right now. isn't infatuation a silly thing? /nostalgic sigh, after 25 entries of infatuation, i really am over that phase. i don't really regret anything, just the fact that canoe guy's friends should step on lego pieces for all eternity and never have the satisfaction of sneezing or listening to good music ever again. or, i guess they- yeah, i'm not even gonna try to be nice, heh.

but rachel was really adorable today omg so zara's sis threw a pillow at her and when she left to do something, rachel turned to me and was like ugh i think she hit a pimple and she started rubbing the pimp and i was like no dude don't do that you'll make it worse, and she was like wait what really? and i was like yes, it'll scar and she was like oh i've been picking at them and i was like gurl don't do that and she was like why does everyone have perfect skin and i was like what i have pimps don't i and she was like no your skin is perfect (but honestly i have a few - people's judgements towards what they don't yet have kind of twist what they see, and i'm not just saying things about clear skin or not haha - just not an enormous amount, like all teenagers - unless they're super blessed) and she like poked my face and i was like haha well, i use face wash and stuff and she was like i use facial cleanser as well and i was like /advertising mode go natural

but yeah, it was easy to know how she felt but for any of u guys with problems like that, just drink water, eat healthy and exercise regularly.

anyway yeah, i just think it's cute when people are open like that in general about anything really soooo i decided to add that in hehe (anyone can feel free to message me about these kinda things /salutes)

i'm writing a fanfiction (about steve rogers, ilu bby) and i definitely write better on computer where it's free to edit and check repetition and grammar mistakes and such rather than on paper - though paper is good for brainstorming ideas and it's nice feeling your words scribble out on something palpable

Eine Kleine is a good song. So is Cosmic Love.

(yes i have good music taste so go on, click them links :3)

ah, and it was my birthday on June 6. it was good :D though my friends are expecting me to hold a birthday party soon in order to 'give me my presents and see my house' and i am a terrible host but we'll see how it goes and if i can organise it properly in time. katie's birthday is in two days and i really need to find a way to get her present (which i do have in mind!!!!) and there's just so many things to do this week /deep whale sound. couple that in with overwhelming feels because captain america might actually die in the movies coz he apparently did in the comics and there's been foreshadowing and --- /choked sobbing.


i hope everyone has a beautiful day, stays healthy and smiles a lot. smiles are good for your face.

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