Wednesday, 7 May 2014

entry 25

so i'm starting to forget events that happened a mere week ago when the holidays hadn't yet started which is why i'm deciding to write stuff now, but who even knows when this entry will be published because i've been favouring saving things as drafts and editing with other things as the days go by

but maybe this'll be out by tonight, who knows /shimmies (i'm looking back and editing and just smiling and shaking my head because it WASN'T past jesse u suck)

anyway, hOPE ESTHEIM

like i can't even stress his prettiness


okay i'll get to the point and just mention some little things that made my day(s) during the last week of school


...since i don't really know how to get into that, i'mma just continue my description of the pandas, ahem:

harrieT IS fun to banter with (/snickers because karriet, a ship with this dude i'll mention next) and she's pretty impatient, i found out at music camp, when i was telling zara and haz the story of everything and anything but it was a funny kind of impatient that makes you wanna snicker /cackles. you readers can determine that for yourself but anyway, haz/hazza is her nickname and i love harriet very much because she always offers her sandwiches to people sometimes and i'm usually the one to take it because i always forget my lunch. (that's the only reason i stick around her) she's generally a very sweet person and she always goes out of her way to do things for other people and she'll always be a beautiful person to have around. her hair is freakin' sunshine and her freckles are adorable and iunno but my friends seriously a lot of them have WONDERFUL BLUEY EYES AND IT'S BRILLIANT. she's a bit of a little sister in some ways that i kinda worry about her sometimes but she's also a little sister in that she's naturally endearing

ZARA IS ACTUALLY like she's probably the most seemingly normal out of our whole group but honestly she'll do and say some things which make you go 'wtf zara' but in the best of ways i assure you. she's an AMAZING organiser like i won't be surprised if she decided to indulge in her romantic side one day and become a wedding planner and be the best of the best wedding planners ever in the history of wedding planners. or just an awesome sort of 'planner' in general, but y'get my gist. she's beautiful, as all my friends are, and has an awesome laugh and smile to go with it - her eyes could be described as 'smiling eyes' of sorts, but i'm not quite sure how to describe it if you haven't experienced it for yourself.

oH WAIT okay i should've mentioned kai before but i'll do it now. anyway, kai! kai is such a sweetie, like, the gentlemanly type and i remember after the whole valentine fiasco where he spent five bucks getting me a rose instead of a simple gerbera like everyoen else agreed - i remember agreeing with someone, maybe ruby, that his future wife (we're going deep into the future, i know) would be very lucky because he's also hella thoughtful. he's a fun person to talk to about interesting things and he's always a welcome presence at the group even tho he usually now goes off to play magic with a bunch of his friends in the library B) he's a bold kid, and he's very much like hazza in that they're both like suns-- i guess you readers can interpret that for yourselves :D

chanse is my star trek and general fandom-ly buddy along with ellie!! i actually didn't know her that much since recently, maybe since the start of the year but when i got into star trek i found we actually connected quite a lot (fangirls always find each other somehow) and she was an interesting person to chat with. her writing is beautiful and so are her eyes and HER CHEEKS THO AND HER SMILE IS HELLA RAD AND HER HAIR IS COOL TOO but anyway it was always so refreshing to roleplay with her and just talk to her about our characters and well our feelings can be kind of similar too. feelings of well, /shrugs well you guys should be accustomed to girl feelings seeing as 24+ entries have been written about them AND dealing with them :D. she can be a bit negative sometimes but it's when the negativity is directed at herself that makes me sigh because everyone should believe in their potential a little more and i know these things are fragile and can be hard to repair but it's so true

uhm who else

i have to pee so while i'm on the toilet i'll think about who i might've forgotten brb

crap i'm back and forgot to think

okay JAMILLA ofc

jamilla is my japanese/animey/mango buddy and the only one in my group who actually gets all my references to anime and pretty much everything to do with japanese /shimmies. she's actually, personally for me, such a brightening presence and heck even her minutely 'pet jesse's hair' routine is accepted by me because she really openly shows her affection for her friends and it's adorable and because it's adorable /shuffles it's okay.  y'know, if that makes sense /coughs. but anyway, she has a good heart, even though she can be hella loud /SIGH she makes days interesting and she has a way with making the interesting things she does not bothersome when you come to actually know her. which is surprising (/cackles). but she manages to connect people and she's someone you'll miss when you find she's been absent for a few days at school. when you hear her laugh you should run away because she's either found something really creepy and willing to share it to scar other people or she's just being creepy in general (so i say that but her laugh is always welcomed because it's v. sweet)--

but okay that's it

i was called a smartass today and it was a satisfying moment even though it was so little LOL

i went to my aunty's house today and my aunty has a daughter-in-law called jessica and jessica is so open and so outgoing and she's so friendly and she's one of those people who just... makes the atmosphere lighter and she's very much like the 'sun' i mentioned earlier

but anyway i was talking to her and then she like looked at me and was like

jesse does your fringe ever bother you?

and i was like just smiling amusedly because she was trying to push it out of my eyes and i was like haha why, does it bother you?

and she just took away her hand and looked at me again and then let out this huge laugh and was like

oh my god you've really grown haven't you, you're a smartass

and just hugged me and told my bro i was a smartass and my bro sighed in this teasing way and was like this is what i have to live with

like idek why i'm a smartass by just that line but hey /wiggles it was interesting and i got free chocolate bcoz easter so on that note HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE

and this'll be a short post (originally it was a draft and i was gonna lengthen it more with other stuff but another time) but i got mauled today at basketball and i was in shock for a bit and it was... interesting (i got a hip wound/knee wound/thumb wound to mark my efforts)

have a good day!

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