Tuesday, 22 September 2015

entry 34.5

this'll be a teeny entry!!!

but today i went to a jap class dinner today and it was awesome 

and on the way back, i was getting a lift home with snay and sam -- but basically griffo bought us ice cream after dinner we did a total woolies run because griffo had previously thought some ice cream shops were open but none were and yeah

and griffo made me get one [meshiagare my BUTT :( i've indulged myself so much over these holidays... brother come home so we can gym :(((] so i shared it with snay

but in the car home i was just really, really nostalgic and emotional

i was eating my third of the ice cream and looking up at the moon as it was around 8pm

and thinking

"this is what i'll remember"

looking up at the half-moon, and the burst of caramel frostiness on my tongue on the equally chilly night, and some random jazzy tune the sam had put on in the car, as well as my mouth set into a sort of half-grin because griffo reminded me/snay to finish off the booklet he gave us and that he expected it to be done and you know living up to those expectations are so fun -- and then snay and i talked a bit about the things that had happened in class for example one day i was heading out of class and motherhen was walking in front of me and then she stopped and i ran into her and made this squawking sound and i looked around and griffo was just laughing so hysterically and then i started laughing and snay started laughing and it was just like what is happening??

but just those little stories in the day that make everything worthwhile, that make other people into the story-tellers they are today who endeavour to share the wonder

the truth is though

i made up that little tidbit above, when i talked about the half-moon and ice-cream

i can't even really remember the moon if it was half or a crescent, i could look since y'know it was like an hour ago but i can't recall it that well

and just ten minutes or so after eating that ice cream, what replaced it was instead the feeling of my sore sinus as i'm sick and i'd quickly forgotten about the sweetness in place of something more immediate

i'm recording everything here because when i was thinking that, when i realised how quickly those little details slipped from my mind, i thought:

i have to write this down

because those little things float away so easily and there's literally only a year left of school, a year left of this atmosphere, of my beautiful friends who brighten my life with their 'i love you's and griffo as a teacher and friend and role model who has constantly encouraged me and pushed me forward, and little interactions with strangers around the school who fill up all the holes in between

the truth is that i won't remember many of the little details at all in a year, or a few more years

i won't remember a lot of things and that makes me so scared and excited but so scared, because god, do i adore these little details.


jesse OUT 

i'm sleepy and need to have a shower, exercise for a bit and do a bit of jap revision

see you! i hope you have an equally heart-warming day

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