Wednesday, 8 April 2015

entry 32

If you have the determination then you can do it
My Dad always says "Luck is opportunity meets preparation"

that's a really nice quote

So if you make sure you're on the lookout for opportunities
And if you're prepared
Then you can talk to him!!
There's no reason why you couldn't

gooooood you're beautiful like those are such nice

Yeah you should put it on your wall B)

B) i will

I am pretty beautiful

you really are

But you're MORE beautiful

nO you don't say that man

Ugh FINE we're EQUALLY beautiful
But anyway

i think everyone has equal potential for beauty and that we're well-matched B)

Yeah so don't feel so down about it!! Because you can do it!!

i, hhgg i think i'm actually pretty fallen  like today i just kind of thought of him when i saw the cricket going on and i had this thought and it was "_____ might be watching this, he likes cricket doesn't he?" so i sat down and observed it for a bit because i thought maybe if i could understand a bit or have a big of knowledge over it maybe i could...


and it went weird because my FACe i felt it in my FACE you know... like when you think of the person you like....... and your eyes go soft?? oh god

/dies because of cuteness

and it did that and i realised i did that and i was like CRAP this really isn't good i've done the thing i've gone and done the thing

D: that's so cute

me too

You know what this is GOOD
You might not realise it
But however this goes
You'll grow and learn from the experiences



you know i should probably ask permission to use conversations as transcripts for my blog... you know what i mean...?

today is a beautiful day [1/4/15 - cross country] and some really awesome things have happened in the past week

------and MAN jesus christ i've had this draft floating here for a while and i'm hoping to get it done by today so let's begin again shall we? [8/4/15]

i just wanna point out that in the first date i wrote there, i put there year as 2012 :////// ???

well okay i changed it

right now my computer room smells like tuna and cheese and sweet potato

and THAT'S A-OKAY WITH ME MAN YEAH, smells good


i think there's something really great about putting lots of effort into something and being able to share the gratification of some sort of reward, achievement - with someone else who has put in just as much effort as you. that's something beautiful and connecting, i think! for example, it was just really offhand but after doing the cross country I CAME SEVENTH IN 16 YEAR OLD GIRLS /CHOKED SOBBING and i'm still really proud of that ehe but basically i was just waiting for my friends to pop up at the finish line when i just made conversation with ladybug guy and it was just really nice and friendly and all and we were just talking about the places we came, i was like how'd you go man? :) and he was like i came sixth, and i was like WOAH SERIOUSLY MAN?? that is so cool coz like i came seventh and he was like wow sweet!! and we high fived and high fives warm my heart ;;; and then we began talking about fitness and stuff and while it was a very brief conversation it was really nice to share the same kind of achievement with someone??

and even during running it was so great, along the track i passed by people i knew from my year and some just called out "go jesse!" and "keep it up!" and having that kind of encouragement handed to you, iunno it just really touched me for some reason and i was so happy and honoured to be on the receiving end of those short statements


cinnamon and hamilla, i was just talking about how i was so ready to crosS THE COUNTRY and all and cinnamon and hamilla were like hey you go girl; i have no idea where my other friends were at the moment and i was like thank you ;; and talking about encouragement, while i was beginning to run, they were the ones who were like yEAH U GO JESSE and i was like sobbing on the inside just marvelling at how great my friends were and especially when i finished the race and met up with them, literally my heart was just heating up in there because after the race when i told them my place, they just smiled so much and it really felt like they were really happy for me and just that, the notion of them being happy for me being happy was just so amazing and that feeling is just one i want to capture in a tiny glass bottle and clip it to a necklace so that it's always there and close to my heart and so i never forget it

and they hugged me even though we were all seriously sweating like beasts and probably swapped too many germs to mention

but it was just so nice y'know?

my friends are seriously...... all angels............ i honestly can't stress that enough..

there was this feeling of guilty 'YEAH man i can be a good runner'/victorious type of feel when i passed by this group distinctly related to fish (that maths dude from waaay back) but basically the reasons consisted of the fact that the guys went first and girls went second so like i'd caught up to them B) and i heard one of them saying something akin to "huh wow smiths hill girls represent"

like yeah man i'm so powerful i'm gonna run up a storm if u kno what i mean......

n... ... okay no it's okay if you don't know what i mean i don't.. really know what i mean either but i'm thinking up a dust cloud u know how u run really fast you create dust clouds


the same day on cross country, i'll go chronologically-

usually i come really late to school and so sometimes i face that dilemma of all your friends sitting at a fully occupied table and having to sit on your lonesome at some other distant, isolated table and try to look like a cool lone wolf while doing so and not some sad individual discreetly or not so discreetly sending winks at your friends and hoping your being sensual lures them to migrate towards you instead

actually you can act either way and they wouldn't be better or worse than the other but the point is, i'd faced that dilemma in my first class that day, a wednesday, meaning i had english first which meant haz/bri-chi/skipper/cinnamon were in my class. perfect four, y'see what i'm getting at?

so i entered the room and ducked my head in some weird head-nod acknowledgement to my teacher who has announced that a pet peeve of hers is people coming late and she nodded and took my late note off me and i kinda just made a :') face to the four friends sitting at the perfect square table in the middle of the room, all seats obviously taken by four perfect butts and so i went ahead and plopped /my/ butt to my usual seat which was at a 6-seater table

and first haz stood up gathered her bag and was like cya dudes and came to the table i was at and probably my eyes sparkled in that moment and i felt a rush of love for her as she also plopped her pooper on the table i sat at and then out of the corner of my eye i saw the other three doin some crazy telepathic nods and exchange of eye contact with each other and then all of them stood and relocated to my table and i just felt like MAN my friends are SO cool like YEAH this is so cool FRIENDS and miss just kinda like iunno i think it was all silent and miss was just like wow ok and i was like crying on the inside, it seriously just made my day and i was like god i am so blessed

and yeah

so that's story one and this is story two

is it safe to establish that i've begun liking someone again? :/

it was probably established in the last few posts but they were vague

if the transcript at the beginning of the post isn't clear enough, i've kinda fallen into that stage again where i literally did just go to the last day of school in hopes of maybe just seeing jude and saying a first 'hello',.. y'know? haha

it's horrible because on tuesday there was a japanese hsc I AM SOBBING BECAUSE ohohhhohoohohhhh my goododoododdod there was this one question right, and it went like this - it was a listening task and you had to answer questions based on it but basically it went

"shukudai o wasurenaide, gakkou ni mottekite ne"

shukudai = homework
wasuremasu = the verb form: 'to forget"
wasuremasen = the formal for way of saying 'not forget'
wasurenai = the informal version of 'not forget' like e.g shukudai o wasurenai ne. hai, wasurenakatta.
ugh it depends on how you say it so this is probably a really difficult explanation :/

but basically wasurenaide is a command (the de at the end makes it so//which branches off into the te form which would be a whole 'nother thing to explain) and it means "don't forget your homework"

the second sentence says bring it to school okay?


that 'naide' may also mean 'without' depending on the context, for example, benkyou o shinaide, shiken o uketa

which means without studying, i took a test


"without forgetting your homework, bring it to school"

like at first i was like 'don't forget your homework, bring it to school' and like i was pretty sure about that but then as i looked at it more, as i REALLY looked at it and began picking apart eVERYTHING (which i shouldn't have done), i became unsure and was like crap what if its the other form... what if......... and so i wrote 'without' instead which makes even LESS grammatical sense but i wanted to 'be sure' /sob so that's a mistake i made i'm crying


back on topic, i really wanted to say good luck to jude, i really did and it's such a small thing but i was so ready

we were wearing mufti that day and man i was so ready, preparing clothes and thinking 'this outfit looks good'

but he was absent that day and i was secretly a bit dismayed at that, yeah

isn't it so interesting how people can impact you like that? so cool right?

and then the next day which was cross country, i was so ready i was like yeah i'm going to do my hardest and if i do well it'll show and if it'll show would it impress him? would that be alright for me to hope for? and also this want to see him there and show off was definitely present as i searched for what would be suitable to wear for that run and he wasn't there again but then i did something that day that made me backtrack and think 'wow ok'

but so omoiyari (src buddy member man who is too A+ to handle tbh, such a cool guy) was trying to rope in yellow house members (hello!!) to take a group photo and i heard that siren call man so i pulled up my friend turtle (hint: her last name starts with turt - also that day it was sooo good we talked to each other more and we already get along so well and it was just beautiful talking with her and bonding!!!!) and we took a group pic and then it was time for a house captain picture and okay so jude's yellow's house captain along with omoiyari right; i knew that

i knew that....

and so i was talking to omoiyari

and i began saying, "oh yeah, so who is the other house captain? we have another guy right...?"

and omoiyari was like "OH yeah that's jude, he's either at isa or taking a day off lol"

and i was like "isa??" and omoiyari nodded and was like "yea it's that travelling music group" and i think i know it, they have purple shirts when they show up and they do really neat performances and i was like "ah okay that's sweet"

and in the back of my mind, something's telling me that omoiyari knows why i asked that but hey it's all g, though what might make it more obvious is that i've asked omoiyari advice on the topic of how to talk to people you don't really have common interests with but honestly i did that cause i trust omoiyari and i really do think he's a good person to talk to

so yeah

it was the fact that wow man i feigned ignorance and did that..... i'm so sly....... shady.......... slim shady................. shady..........................


yeah....................... shady........ /shakes head and frowns

okay anyway

i've been reading poetry lately (lol save me before i become some cheesy cringe-ball) and it amazes me how so much power can be put into words

and here was something i was writing which readers, you might find incredibly cringy don't judge me tho i think we've passed the judgement stage and if we haven't maybe i've been doing something wrong but: (((if you want it ask for the link lol i changed my mind and was like WOAH it's cringy so if u want it ask me in real life if you know me <3)))

anyway i've been using snapchat lately and here are some quality snaps:

nail painting is becoming a thing B)

bri-chi convinced me to try a topknot for the cross-country but my hair was too short in the end

the motherhen at night

the motherhen threatening me

the bro and i


me being gangsta

motherhen trying to lay down the law (ur not my MOTHER motherhen...... u can't control me,e,,e......)

have a good day! :)


so its holidays right

i went to motherhen's house the other day to practice for music camp which is happening like the day after school resumes

and we're singing this

and MAN if i say so myself we make a beautiful pair i'm just saying we're gonna be sooo cool B))) it's our synergy; we came to the conclusion after talking about hot cross buns that we, combined, are an evolved version of nicki minaj; anaconda is our jam

lookie here B)

and i'm thinking i'll use soundcloud more often, huh...

-jesse out yo, stay safe!!

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