Wednesday, 15 October 2014

entry 28

so this kinda just made my day, yeah:

Jesse Tran 18:15
today i SHIPPED ELLIE AND [SN] SO HARD Jesse Tran 18:15 Jesse Tran BASICALLY Jesse Tran 18:15 Jesse Tran ellie and ruby were sitting on the table and ruby was moving her legs up and down and [osborne] and [SN] were talking to each other and ellie was like ruby stop moving ur legs (coz it was shaking the table) and ruby kept doing it and then [SN] held out his leg to stop her and i was like /sob Jesse Tran 18:15 Jesse Tran i ship them so hard they were also sassing each other Brianna Nguyen 18:18 Brianna Nguyen Omg [SN] [osborne] is probably one of the nicest guys in the year Btw he voted for you Jesse Tran 18:42 Jesse Tran YES [SN] Brianna Nguyen 18:42 Brianna Nguyen never imagined tht couple Jesse Tran 18:42 Jesse Tran /SOB don't tell me these things i'm gonna cry because he's so nice THEY ARE ADORABLE TOGETHER THEIR SASS IS PERF and like i don't know who but ellie said she liked someone and claire ruby and i were just sobbing over how cute it was Brianna Nguyen 18:44 Brianna Nguyen Oh yeah she told us at harriet's party that she likes someone but she wouldn;t tell us who Jesse Tran 18:47 Jesse Tran yeah ;; Brianna Nguyen 18:47 Brianna Nguyen [osborne] said he's already friends with you btw Jesse Tran 18:48 Jesse Tran today we confirmed that she actually did like someone (because i wasn't there at haz's party) and she had this super cute smile on her face ;; Brianna Nguyen 18:48 Brianna Nguyen Omg seriouslyyy do you have any ideas Jesse Tran 18:50 Jesse Tran i whaT SERIOUSLY REALLY I WAS AFRAID TO CALL HIM A FRIEND BECAUSE I WASN't SURE /CRIES Brianna Nguyen 18:50 Brianna Nguyen hhaaha I asked him who he voted for and he's like "I voted jesse first because she's my friend and she's really nice to me" Jesse Tran 18:52 Jesse Tran today in drama it was pretty funny we messed up at this one bit like [osborne] had to carry one block and i had to carry the other but for some reason there was no blocks left for me to carry and i was like wth what is happening and [osborne] was like omg and i was like omg wait [osborne] is this your fault and he was like what no ruby got the other block and i was like omg ruby why and then i was like dammit [osborne] this is why we can't have nice things Jesse Tran 18:53 Jesse Tran BRI REALLY Jesse Tran 18:53 Jesse Tran /sCREECHES ALSO TODAY in english i had to steal a chair for chanse and i went to the other side of the room and stole a chair and asked the nearest person if it was okay and it was [osborne] and he was like omg i don't know i don't sit there and i was like tru soz bro and it was cool ;; Brianna Nguyen 18:53 Brianna Nguyen hahhaa [osborne] your new best friend? Jesse Tran 18:54 Jesse Tran sorry i'm just getting excited /rolls on you ooh i have no idea who ell likes though
LOL yes Brianna Nguyen 18:54 Brianna Nguyen dw [osborne] is a kool dude and he's so nice to [osborne's gf - we'll call her cookie junior!!] OOoo whoo Jesse Tran 18:55 Jesse Tran i'm so happy!!!! ;a; (AND THEY ARE ADORABLE I SHIP IT HARD) Brianna Nguyen 18:55 Brianna Nguyen hahahhaa a lot of people voted for you I can;t Jesse Tran 18:56 Jesse Tran but i'm shipping ell and sam so hard so that's a thing for me rn




SO, many things have happened since my last update and i should really remind myself to update sooner, because these events just keep pilin' up

i'll list some key events/stuff/thoughts here:

  • i'm in the src
  • i went to japan (aka my long-time dream)
  • in japan i made lots of new friends!!!!
  • i've started cooking
  • exercising has seriously become my new thang
  • 36 days until dragon age: inquisiton
  • i've become extremely inclined to make a resume and apply for a job
  • i got my subject selections for year 11 back
actually wait let me make a kind of list for the structure of this post
firstly, i'll talk about being in the src
secondly, i'll talk about japan and attempt to tell you all about my experiences (or that might be in an entirely separate post because there's sO much to write)
thirdly, i'll talk about exercising/cooking and job-hunting

aCTUALLY, YOU KNOW, I'M GONNA WRITE ABOUT JAPAN IN A DIFFERENT POST BECAUSE GOD KNOWS HOW MUCH STUFF I HAVE TO COVER (to give u teasers; joudan/sekushii dayo/ikemen/placenta/commander rolls/free cd/puns/okonomimura/hiroshima train trip/relay/:DDD/frozen/hatsune miku hat/etc = look at jap diary)


a few months ago i told someone they had a nice silhouette and they looked at me funny

a few days ago okay, so, i was putting on some shorts coz it was hot when i looked down and BAM like i was already wearing shorts??? AND IT WAS SO SURPRISING I ACTUALLY LET OUT THIS LITTLE EXCLAMATION OF SURPRISE AND I DOUBLE-CHECKED THE SHORTS IN MY HANDS AND I WAS LIKE DEAR BABY jeSUS ON WHEELS??? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? HOW DID I FORGET I WAS ALREADY WEARING PANTS??????

i was a bit worried after that

21 Jumpstreet is such a good movie - me and my bro were discussing it and he agreed and was like "you have to be mature to laugh at its immaturity" and it's very true but despite all that, the witty one liners are amazing

today i went to an SRC meeting

and i'm still really grateful about being chosen but also feeling kinda hnggh because i see my friend, yas, who is just always putting herself out there and helping people - heck she even got the year award last year!! and like she's AMAZING and she didn't get onto the committee and she could've done so much and she would've been absolutely beautiful as an src and i just, i, i guess... i don't know.... how do i explain this feeling? i guess i just really want people to recognize her kindness and potential and beauty because otherwise it'd be such a waste

being chosen to become src made me think about a lot of things, like - could i handle it? would i even be a good representative? and i think i was a little overwhelmed when they announced who the src were because it was at that time that those thoughts hit me and i realised that i just volunteered to be on the src as an admittedly selfish act of wanting to get to know people? like, i wasn't really thinking about how i'd help out the school or if i actually had the dedication set aside time to deal with SRC responsibilities - don't get me wrong, i signed up for this and i'm passionate about wanting to help, honestly i want to do my best so bad and be a good src, but yeah - those were my thoughts. what i mean by "the selfishness of wanting to get to know people" is that technically, the desire of actually wanting to become an SRC member were influenced by the fact that all i wanted to do was be able to face the whole year and try to show them another side of me?

i think i have a thing where i constantly feel the need to prove myself in one way or another and this was one way i thought i could do that

if i sound conceited, or anything similar, i'm sorry

to summarize that lil wall of text, i think what i was conflicted about was whether or not i really deserved this spot

but i think i've gotten over that - what's done is done but also i know myself and i know that i'll really try to do my best

so, anyway, i went to an SRC meeting.

my third, to be exact :D

at first, i was kind of apprehensive because you see, there are 6 people on the src along with myself, representing our year: three are girls, three are boys. there's ikemen, bell -- have i mentioned him before?? i'm sure i have somewhere, but i can't seem to find him in my previous posts but hey oh well -- and dbunks. for girls, it's me, MM and squizza. obviously, all those names are not the real names of those alongside me in the src. there are also two regional reps from my year who are absolutely beautiful - omoiyari and tenshi - omoiyari is shoko's (my host sister!!) favourite word in japanese meaning a person who thinks about others and tenshi means angel. omoiyari is a dude, tenshi is a gal!

anyway, i was apprehensive because MM and squizza are both really good friends, ikemen is friends with them and bell, bell is friends with squizza and dbunks. dbunks is friends with squizza and MM and ikemen and bell and pretty much everyone, and well - everyone is connected in some way or another and are close, and then there's me who hasn't really interacted /properly/ with most of them at all, so i kind of felt 'ehhh....' like, well, y'know how it is, feeling a bit like a third wheel? - but i decided not to dwell on it because i knew it didn't matter and i was just overthinking/worrying too much again, and that i'd be able to come friends with them so long as i tried - and that's still my plan!!

the first two meetings were debriefs about what the SRC was about and what we'd be doing (we're going on a camp in week 4 - i have no idea what week it is right now tbh) but yeah, those were really cool and those actually were probably a tad more formal than what it was like today - i didn't talk much at those meetings: at the first one, the eight of us were all sitting apart, and the second one we did kind of sit together but we couldn't face each other well because we were kind of clumped --

but today!!

today was really fun!!!



it began with an explanation of a few of the main positions of SRC - those being chairperson, secretary, treasurer + more i can't really remember - and then it delved into a powerpoint about leadership and being in a group and what kind of group member you are - IDEA aka Imaginer/Designer/Evaluator/Act-er.

then, there was the little exercise called knots. it was really weird and it got uncomfortably intimate and my group didn't manage to get untangled but hey, at least we made progress B) it was really funny and cool hehe

anyway, i was sitting next to ikemen during the meeting and we exchanged some small talk/inside jokes and i felt a lot more comfortable with him there tbh because i hung out with him in japan and we were already friends (just not super friends, y'know? but friend friends!!) and i also managed to talk to the others and make them laugh and it was really nice

omoiyari and tenshi are the regional reps, as i stated before, and gosh they are just amazing - they were the ones who were showing us that powerpoint presentation and all throughout it, i was getting the feels because wow respect they are both such good people and hhhh

after the meeting, bell and i (we've spoken before briefly and he's an awesome person who at one point defended me in this group of gamers which i was added to WHICH mostly comprises of boys and those boys were like wait why's jesse in this group and bell defended me and it was really sweet and cool and well the gist of it is that he's cool) were waiting for omoiyari and tenshi to finish up -

i actually interacted a lot with omoiyari in japan and it was so cool, he's such a cool person as well WOW THERE'S SO MANY COOL PEOPLE HHH And well i helped him out with his self intro in japan and talked to him and made jokes (i remember one funny thing. basically, the luggage i brought to japan was my bro's and it was HUGE it was the biggest out of all the ones brought to japan and everyone was making jokes about how i was the smallest person in the entire group and i brought the largest suitcase and omoiyari was like jesse seriously i have to take a photo of you and that suitcase because this is hilarious and well we talked and it was so cool and fun and yeah!!). the amount of interaction i have with tenshi is limited, but she's really sweet and she's super friendly and she's gr8.

anyway, i was waiting for omoiyari and tenshi to finish talking to the teacher because they're in our english class and i was talking to bell and i told him about the story about my pants and he cracked up laughing and was like how do you even do that??? like couldn't you feel your pants??? and i was like YEAH dude I KNOW LIKE that's why it was so worrisome and then tenshi and omoiyari came out and omoiyari was like what's this? so i told the story again and omoiyari and tenshi laughed and omoiyari was like omg jesse that's classic and i was like hehehehehehe (translation: i'm so happy i can make u laugh like wow u guys are actually laughing and i'm talking to u guys and /sob this is SO cool) and then we all began talking and that's when bell went off to pee and so tenshi, omoiyari and i were walking to class and we were talking about the english homework and neither had submitted it when it was due but i already had and he was like wow jesse, ace student and i was like huehue yep, gonna get that a+ man and that led to omoiyari saying he thought i'd be a good secretary *with an added "just sayin'"* (previously, he talked about how he took up the position before and how it wasn't what he expected - there's not much talking and it's suited for people who are the listener type etc) and i was like I GOT FLUSTERED AND MY CHEEKS WENT WARM AND I WAS LIKE wasdwea dweLL u KNOW i think MM would be good for that position, i mean, she was saying she'd go for it 

and he looked at me and was like aw c'mon jesse, i think going for it would be really good and then tenshi was like yeah i agree and she began telling us a story about how she went up against some random people back when she was in src last year and how she got this spot and omoiyari was like yeah, and i think a lot of people - the ones who know you - would definitely back you up you know

and i don't know, i guess i was just really touched because i don't know, i guess that omoiyari even thought that and just how nice they were and they were just so welcoming and friendly and encouraging and warm? i don't know but gosh they were beautiful so i ended up trying to return the favour and tell them what i thought about them (what i wrote about earlier, how tenshi was an angel and how omoiyari was just really cool and how i had reSPECT for both of them like heck yeah!!) and they laughed and tenshi told me how she was actually nervous going up and speaking and i was like what seriously?? like i didn't even notice

and well

it was awesome

i'm so happy to be in the src and to get to know these beautiful people and i'm looking forward to spending more time with them hehe

change of topic

and apparently, change of font??? sorry the font suddenly changed because i pressed enter twice and idk

anyway, cooking. ever since coming back from japan, i just had an intense urge to catch up on all the exercise i couldn't do and cooking was one good way to control what i ate and it's level of healthiness - and thus, i have been cooking. :D


sheisse what the heckiedoodle why is the font changing??


oh well

exercising is amazing

i have to exercise soon

but i've been really happy with myself man, maybe after i exercise i'll take a photo of my ABS HECK YEAH and just post a wip shot or something iunno i'm just excited

as a record for myself:

as of 15/10/14, i can run approx 4km in a span on 30 minutes, at an average of 9km/h - lowest point being 8km (starting point til 10 min milestone) and highest being 10km (last 4 minutes).

i can do 200 hanging leg raises - 10 sets of 20 or 8 sets of 20 and 2 sets of ten
i can do 3 reps of 20 full decline sit-ups + 20 russian twists, both with a 5kg weight

and of course there are those other lil workouts i have at home but yeah those are what i tend to do at the gym, which i go to now with my bro


oatmeal is still really yummy

everyone i'm gonna give u my recipe that accounts to approx 540 calories

so cook as much oats as u want (i use 4 - 5 tablespoons of oats)

when it's finished, add:
11 almonds
20 raisins
half an apple
3 tablespoons of greek yoghurt
and whatever sugar you want although i recommend coconut sugar or brown sugar or no sugar at all (keep in mind that greek yoghurt is sour tho)

and yeah that's the recipe, just mix it together and voila you've made heaven


i've been writing for an hour straight, no kidding so maybe later i'll come back with more updates

so bye for now!!!

i hope you guys have a wonderful day! :D

and everything about this post is a mess i mean look at its godforsaken format holy crapplesnack i don't know what's happening goodbye

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